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Creamy Coleslaw

Nothing beats coleslaw at a southern chicken fry party, which is what I themed my husband’s belated birthday bash this past weekend.  I found some fabulous recipes online for my side dishes, and everyone loved the coleslaw-something I had never made before, and found quite simple.

I did doctor it up a bit.  I doubled the carrot amount to 4, and when I couldn’t find celery salt at the store, I used dry celery instead.  I also made a bit more dressing for the coleslaw-I guess I like it creamy or I just had a really large head of cabbage. 

Also, I looked online and found this helpful page on how to “shred cabbage,” since I had never done it before, and I wanted to keep my cool as I was cooking for 20 of our friends.  Didn’t need to lose it over cabbage shredding.   The photos really make it for me.